2CD ltd. 200 copies in 6-panel digisleeve

M.B. / Lieutenant Murnau
Tapes 1980/1981

In the "Tape Network" universe of the early 1980s where everything seemed possible, Maurizio Bianchi meets Lieutenant Murnau in two obscure but historical postal collaborations, originally released in a strictly limited edition for the British tape label Flowmotion (It Should Be Used Only Once) and for the German Litanic (Techno-Logy). Two of the best known promoters of the Italian experimental scene create two surreal experiments that anticipate the mash-up vogue, hybridising radical industrial noise, romantic soundtracks from the films of Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau and mocking 'plagiarist' field recordings. The digipack contains graphics created by M.B. at the time of the original relases and images from the Lt. Murnau fanzine, with an introduction by Vittore Baroni.