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Anacleto Vitolo | Luca Buoninfante

Vitolo/Buoninfante is an electroacoustic impro-duo born in 2016 that mix several musical styles and approaches such as musique concréte, field recordings, sound processing and live electronics.
Luca Buoninfante: objects, microphones, laptop, field recordings
Anacleto Vitolo: live electronics, laptop, Fxs
Recorded at Laughin' Grass Studio in Cava de' Tirreni (July 2018)
Mixed by Anacleto Vitolo & Luca Buoninfante
Mastered by Anacleto Vitolo @ AV-K Studio
Artwork by Anacleto Vitolo

Luca Buoninfante is a sound artist, field recordist and drummer, member of:
Orchestra Elettroacustica Officina Arti Soniche (OEOAS) - Conservatorio S.Pietro a Majella - Napoli
c.el.en. - cimarosa electroacoustic ensemble
Organoiser - electronic impromptu ensemble:
he collaborates to Liminaria:
drummer of Zaund:

Anacleto Vitolo is an electronic music composer with several solo-project:
he collaborates with several sound artists such as Gianluca Favaron:
DoubleBass player Francesco Galatro (with which he plays in the X(i)NEON):
viola player Michela Coppola:
MC Domenico "A.rota.B" Stellavatecascio (Internos):