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Gianluca Becuzzi
The Bunker Years (2006/2014)

In wartime, the bunker is a special type of shelter where you can protect yourself from the enemy's military attacks. I purposely translated the original meaning of the bunker, intended as military architecture, according to my idea of a protected area. In this sense, bunkers can be any private place where one determines one's isolation. Bunker is a physical space created to organize useful materials, reflect, conceive, design and create in total autonomy. From this concrete dimension, the bunker then goes on to trace an existential boundary, a dimension of the mind, a feeling and feeling other-than-the-rest that is outside. Bunker is a self-exclusive perimeter of inner resistance, a refuge from the outside world, from its rules and its conditioning. Bunker is the critical observatory, the secret hermitage from which to fight one's personal war against reality, when it becomes unacceptable, against its manifestations of idiocy and vulgarity. Bunker is the place to sublimate the incurable disagreement in divergent vision, generativity and art. I, my friends and those who have been with me during this time, we called the bunker the house / studio where I lived and produced music for years. Gianluca Becuzzi (September 2019