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Deison / KK Null

Ten years after their first collaboration ("Into", Silentes, 2009) KK Null and Deison are back together with "Yugen"*, a new work exploring darkness and controlled chaos through deep and dense sounds. Pulsating and fractured electronics are mixed with an eerie atmosphere of clunks, broken tribal drums and hovering electronic tones.

KK Null is a Japanese composer, guitarist, singer, mastermind of Zeni Geva. One of the top names in Japanese noise music and in a larger context, one of the great cult artists in experimental music since the early 80's.

Deison has been crafting experimental and noise sounds for more than two decades, operating with loops, field-recordings and drones to develop swirling electronic sounds of enormous range and complex musicality. He has worked with Lasse Marhaug, Teho Teardo, Thurston Moore, Scanner, Mingle and Maurizio Bianchi in many releases.

*The word 'Yugen' expresses a particular experience of reality, of the world in which we live.