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Bi Nostalgia
The King in Yellow

Insipred by the Psychological Horror stories of Robert W. Chambers. Who is, or better, what is The King in Yellow? It is, as explained in the first story, a kind of forbidden book that would have the power to unleash anyone who reads it. This is in fact the leitmotiv of the first four stories of the anthology, which see the various protagonists face situations in the middle between mania and supernatural able to make more than a few shivers run along the back of the reader. Ideally divided into two parts, it is identified as a cursed book that passes from hand to hand like a plague leads to madness anyone who has the misfortune to read it. Many readers have found here the influences of the famous Necronomicon by H. P. Lovecraft, that has never denied the influence of Chambers on his production and has had the opportunity to affirm: "Genuine is the flow of horror that flows through Chambers. The King in Yellow reaches exceptional summits of cosmic fear ".

A particularly strong theme is the elusive Carcosa, the world in which the play is apparently set. The first chapter can be read relatively easy and most readers will throw it away at that point, frustrated at how boring and predictable it is. However, something always draws them to return to the book. Once they pick it up again and begin reading the second chapter, they are driven to insanity by something... The idea of an imaginary soundtrack for "The King in Yellow" started in the early '80s. The Robert W. Chambers story collection has been one of my favorite readings ever and I read it from time to time, always discovering new nuances. Finally after many years I recorded "The King in Yellow", trying to capture the most chiaroscuro nuances and adapt it to reading the book itself. "The King in Yellow" embodies past and present, mystery and fantasy, pre-autumn landscapes and whispers at sunset

Partly recorded in Malosco (province of Trento) where the paths of the woods have inspired walks and sound ideas, much of the sound material has been sketched out on sunny days in the mountains. Then finish recording and mixing at Room Studio at the end of summer