softcover book (208 pages - cm 20,5x22) + CD + 2 original collages by MB (cm 23x26)
ltd. 100 hand-numbered and signed copies

Maurizio Bianchi

In the fragmentary path of a few months, an imaginative project has come to light, made up of clippings and torn pages coming from the most hidden meanderings of magazines, books, catalogues and brochures that had fallen into oblivion. By juxtaposing them one next to the other, a huge work emerged, the main imprint of which is improvisation, exemplified in the art of neuronal collage. (MB)

FRAGMENTAGES is a collection of 200 collages made by MB specifically for this project. The book comes with MB's latest audio work on CD and also includes two original collages from the collection. Each copy is therefore a unique piece, and absolute must for those who love the work of MB.