CD + Booklet
Lalli & Stefano Risso

Lalli was the female singer in Franti, an open collective based in Turin that shared Italian audiences with anarchopunk bands in the Eighties. They were often compared to English anarchists Crass for their intriguing lyrics and radical public statements. The group self-produced four beautiful albums but kept them out of commercial distribution into record stores: they were available only by mail and at their rare gigs (see The group disbanded in 1987 but the members continued to collaborate in various formations. Lalli began a solo career - her debut album "Tempo di vento" (Wind Time) was very well received both by the music press and the public. It was followed by three more releases. In 2016 Black Cat Records, a small independent label based in England, released "Un tempo, ancora" (Once Upon a Time, Again) a limited edition vinyl by Lalli and bass player Stefano Risso - followed soon by a CD edition released by Silentes and stella*nera. A new CD by the duo entitled "Qui" (Here) followed this summer. Stefano Risso's brilliant arrangements transform his double bass into an orchestra, while great part of the lyrics is spoken in a low voice or whispered. Both Lalli and Franti's backcatalogue is currently available on Silentes and stella*nera.