The Dream of Earth

After a long and meticulous preparation, Sarang – a new creature by Simon Balestrazzi and Enrico Marani – debuts on Silentes with "The Dream of Earth". Balestrazzi is best known as the founding member of the historical Industrial / Experimental group T.A.C. and also for having been part of another very important formation of the international electronic/EBM scene, Kirlian Camera. Marani was also a member of the first T.A.C. formation: along with Vittore Baroni and the mysterious Manitù Rossi he then gave birth to the experimental collective Le Forbici di Manitù. In "The Dream of Earth" Marani mainly utilizes flutes, didgeridoo and percussion, while Balestrazzi takes care of a prepared ukulele and a VCS3, a semi-modular synthesizer that deserve its place in history for having characterized the sound of "The Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd. Accompanied by Alessandra Giura on bass flute, Clara Murtas on voice and Paolo Sanna on various ethnic instruments, the duo offers oriental sonorities and tribal atmospheres, following the coordinates of a primitive universe, where each sequence gets into our minds and dilates boundaries. Reinventing the structures and enriching them with a disturbing emotional tension, Sarang reclaims the "trance & drones" parameters by combining them with ethnic influences into a skillfully balanced screenplay.