Mauthausen Orchestra
Sonic Deprivation

A fantastic selection of archive materials from the “golden age” of Mathausen Orchestra, the Italian power-electronic project born in the early 80s from the mind of Pierpaolo Zoppo, recently back in full to his artistic activity (see also the other CD Silentes SME0932, Nimh/Mauthausen Orchestra: From Unhealthy Places). Coming as a wonderful digipack CD, these six tracks collected from his very first cassette releases (Murderfuck, Mafarka, Anal Perversion, Host Sodomy, From Homicide to Slaughter) are released in a completely restored and remastered edition that finally does justice in full to the incredible and futuristic visions of one of the most significant Italian experimental artists of the last thirty years. Unthinkable and apocalyptic sonic masses pushed to the extreme, an endless flux of strong emotions, a violent and devastating impact… Absolutely not to be missed.