Maurizio Bianchi
Menstruum Regles

Decomposition instead that composition. De-structured music that instead structured music. Not to complex and articulated technologies forrecording, mixing of the parts and mastering; not to onesophisticated production and maniacal and defined participations correct in post-production... This the new "challenge" capacity to the extreme limit from Maurizio Bianchi, a new musical effort,"directed", "raw", immediate, absolutely uncompromising new, to outside of every law and from every pre-constituted rule... Fragments of music, short fragments of sonorous material of varied extraction, now short, now long, placed in sequence one behind the other, in a "dry" way, following absolutely unforeseeable times and dynamics. Continuous loops, raw unexpected cuts, noise alternated to musical parts, single sounds, drones, notes of piano, buzzes, soft pads, electric current workers... Two long tracks, 75 minutes, a listening experience over any edge and reliable definition.