Francesco Paladino | Geruch Von Blut
Twilight - The Opening

Geruch Von Blut is the project that was born here and now. Geruch Von Blut calls to mind a scent referring to iron and metal. For predatory carnivores it is irresistible, triggering their instinct; without knowing what you want, not listening to what you think you are listening to, always, that's what not to lose sight of, in the ardor of the drafting the sounds trigger in a continuous.

“When Geruch submitted his musical world to me, I thought of an immense ocean similar to an impassable wall. Then, I don't know why, I thought of the migrant peoples who had to face that path; and almost without thinking I thought of the migration of migrations, of the Exodus and of those words put into the mouth of a God "...Why do you cry out to me? Order ... to resume the journey. In the meantime, raise your staff, stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it...". So I invented a way to play the piano and I crossed that wall”. (Francesco Paolo Paladino)