My Whip, Your Flesh

Limbo was an influential eclectic music project created in 1984 by Gianluca Becuzzi, one of the most important personalities on the italian electronic/electro-acoustic and experimental scenes. Since 1984 Limbo has releases 10 LP’s, plus 2 mini albums, 3 anthologies, 1 split box-set with Militia Christi and 1 tape. Limbo also appeared on various compilations and performed live in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Over the years, Limbo frequently changed record labels , line-ups and musical styles, always maintaining strong dark and electronic elements. Characteristic of its artistic approach is the exploration of rhythm/timbre, as well as the highly dramatic mood created by both sounds and subjects examined (i.e. technology and mysticism , science and neo - primitivism, thanatology and extreme erotic practices). The aesthetic quality, its conceptual/formal coherence and the continuity of its developed languages, all helped to create the “cult” status that still surrounds the name LIMBO on the internaional underground circuit. In September 2008 Spittle Records (the label which released the debut mini-LP “In Limbo” back in 1986) released "Early Works (1984-1987)", a double-CD compilation including a re-mastered version of the whole musical production of Limbo in the first four years of career. The second re-release is the Author's Cut of "MY WHIP, YOUR FLESH", the band's debut album of 1989, for the first time on CD featuring the original track-list (modified at that time for timing reasons on vinyl), the original uncut versions of the songs, a re-mastered high-quality sound and restored artwork. The CD is out on May 2015 on OLTRELANEBBIAILMARE, side-label of the well-known experimental Italian label SILENTES. The entire audio rework of these latest two re-releases is provided by Diego Loporcaro (also known as D. Loop), electronic musician/producer, member of LIMBO during the last period of activity of the band and also the producer of the anthology "Compendium: The Light Fall" (2004 - Cursed Land / Beyond Prod. / Masterpiece). Although LIMBO ceased to exist many years ago, it left an indelible mark on the international underground music scene.