Edgardo Moia Cellerino
L'amore che gira il mondo

Oltrelanebbiailmare is proud to introduce the solo debut CD of Edgardo Moia Cellerino, best known as Le Masque's singer. "L'amore che gira il mondo" is a collection of songs taken from various Le Masque albums; it includes Il trionfo del bikini and Elsadora il profumiere taken from "La memoria di Venere" (1991), Marcel, Le donne, Nostalghia, I Tartari, La notte del 31 Dicembre 1999 and La ballerina Marta taken from "Le Masque" (1995), L'amabile assenza and Quando una parola taken from "Gli anni di Globiana" (2003) and an unreleased cover of Jacques Brel's Non andare via played by Italian jazz Maestro Renato Sellani. To complete this collection we also find La lunga notte di Gianni, taken from the compilation "Dal diario di un soffiatore di vetro" (1998), Sai and Amore bello amore stanco both taken from a rare single published for the Greek market only, and above all the new wonderful title track: L'amore che gira il mondo. Edgardo has just got back during November from the prestigious Tenco Festival, a showcase dedicated to the most valid Italian singer-songwriters, where he received the SIAE/Club Tenco Prize as the best emerging author/songwriter with the following mention: "His lyrics are illuminated by all-consuming landscapes. His language is made of an almost embarassing extreme and refined elegance, and reminds the greatest Italian writers of the Twentieth Century, from Pavese to Buzzati. Nonetheless he defines himself just like "a polka-dot illustrator on clowns costumes". At the Tenco Festival he presented some of his songs in concert, including the new album title-track. For all the Le Masque aficionados and for all the lovers of Italian songwriting. This is a must!